Quick delivery of utilities delivery by steadfast end-to-end automated GIS enterprise of Genesys is breaking barriers in the sector.


Reliable universal access of quality utilities under accountable regulatory frameworks forms the key responsibility of any government. With growing need and competition, provision of utilities has become a social dialogue encompassing multiple stakeholders with increasing complexities.


Improved hardware, software, and networking technology have created opportunities for the Utilities industry to build and benefit from more comprehensive and sophisticated GIS. The one-stop-place for enterprise GIS, Genesys, is one such global industry leader tackling Utilities with innovative technology solutions.


Genesys provides customized solutions and services for Utilities companies that encompasses -

Data collection, storage, analytics, data visualization capabilities and the ability to integrate with other systems

Real time monitoring and maintenance of Utilities asset network


Map-based User Interface improves efficiency and ease-of-doing-business for all stakeholders


Industries Expertise


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Intelligent Geospatial solutions offered by Genesys facilitates larger flow of the business information.

Oil & Gas

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Water Supply & Sanitation

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