Urban Development

Smart Urban Planning by Genesys through integrated geomatics is a key innovation transforming the industry.


Urban Planning forms the basis of day-to-day lifestyle and overall progress of a city. With implications ranging from optimal land utilisation, affordable housing to reducing carbon footprints and sustainable consumption of resources, Urban Planning is one of the key industries for geospatial technology and services. Nearly 55% of the global population lives in urban geographies generating 80% of the global GDP.


Genesys offers an array of customised geospatial services to impart transparency and efficiency to urban development strategies and their implementation. End-to-end automation and real time data retrieval and processing coupled with customized dashboards forms the unique enterprise GIS developed by Genesys. In-built data analytics runs rigorous modelling algorithms to churn out results and statistics specific to the client’s needs.


The one-stop-place for enterprise GIS, Genesys is an industry leader offering urban solutions such as –

  • Cadastral and Tax parcel mapping
  • Change detection study
  • Property Tax Assessment & Validation
  • City Governance - Slum Redevelopment & Hawker Management
  • Integrated Solid Waste Management System
  • Precision Mapping of Water & Sanitation Services


Smart City Solution

Genesys now specializes in some of the key Urban Planning challenges faced globally


‘What is a Smart City? How do we build a Smart City?’ – The prominent challenge of today’s world governments, also forms the basis of the key solution developed by Genesys.


Effective management and use of resources enabling better quality of life and sustainable development based on data collected through various Information and Communication Technology channels in an urban area is what defines a ‘Smart City’. With extensive geography, multiple stakeholders and hyper-evolving status quo, Urban Development machinery often struggles with addressing this challenge. To empower them, Genesys has developed a comprehensive solution backed by ironclad GIS.


Genesys creates an intelligent environment with an extensive network of sensors and mobile devices integrated with GIS. This environment allows real time accurate data collection, processing and seamless flow of information across all the stakeholders connected to the network. Genesys’ core strength of LiDAR augmented with 360-degree Panoramic Imaging enables clients to collect, compile, analyse and visualize spatio-temporal information for efficient Urban Planning and Management.


Some of the core areas addressed by Genesys are –

  • 3D City Visualisation and Analysis
  • Smart Parking & Urban Traffic Management
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Smart Utilities