Data acquisition expertise of Genesys to generate highly accurate 3D geospatial data is transforming infrastructure development projects.


Infrastructure development is an essential prerequisite for sustained and accelerated economic development of any country. Road and rail sector account for nearly two-thirds of this requirement. Globally, many countries are shifting towards efficient and intensive methodologies to plan, monitor and manage infrastructure projects. Ground-breaking advancement of Genesys in geospatial space is one such key differentiator in today’s world.


Infrastructure companies especially need to rely on technologies that enable faster implementation of projects with reliable accuracy. Genesys has been a pioneer in providing detailed topographic maps for both greenfield and brownfield infrastructure projects. Quick data updation using LiDAR technologies have helped reduce human dependencies. Genesys has extensively worked with engineering firms and consultants in the rail and road infrastructure development projects. The accuracy of LiDAR Point Cloud data has benefitted the projects in evaluating sub-meter accuracy for road alignment & designing.


One-stop-place for enterprise GIS, Genesys has developed ready-to-roll solution - InfraSCAPE specifically for Infrastructure space.


Backed by ironclad-GIS and modelled on mobile and terrestrial LiDAR, this service enables companies to -

  • Evaluate Asset Condition & Develop Replacement Strategy
  • Organize Inspection & Work Management System
  • Integrate with In-house Third-party Software for extended applications


Innovative technologies at Genesys have been enabling organisations globally to make efficient planning and data-driven decisions.