Company Profile

Genesys International Corporation Ltd was established in 1995. We are pioneer in advanced mapping, survey and geospatial services. With the team of 2000+ professionals and rich experience, we deliver expertise services in Geographical Information System (GIS) and Geospatial Engineering domain.

We have a unique blend of understanding the emerging consumer applications around mapping technology as well as the capability on the enterprise side to offer solutions revolving around state-of-the-art remote sensing; LiDAR, aerial survey, photogrammetry and ICT based e-governance solutions. We are one of the largest LiDAR acquisition company and have expertise in processing capabilities in the world. We have successfully delivered some of the world's most challenging projects.

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Genesys operates several Geospatial production and application development centers in India. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and a growing list of Fortune 500 and SME clients, Genesys is well positioned to play a significant role in the global GIS and Geospatial services industry. Genesys strongly believes in the power of mapping technology for the efficient optimization of enterprises and for the greater good of the average citizen. Genesys has been delivering services to clients across globe from past 23 years, with most of its client engagements running into multiyear relationships.


Track Record


2,329,583 km

Navigational Mapping across continents

250,000 km

3600 Panoramic Street View

1,200,000 sq. km



Tax parcel mapping in USA

58,000 sq. km

City mapping across globe

15 countries

Aerial Photography collection

1,200 km

HD Mapping for Autonomous Driving

75,000 km

Telecom Corridor Mapping (LiDAR)

7,500 km

Road RoW (LiDAR)

600 km

Rail Corridor Mapping (LiDAR)

2,000 km

Rail Corridor Mapping in Europe (Photogrammetry)

600 km

Rail Corridor Mapping with Modelling in Europe (LiDAR)


  • “Wipro’s partnership with Genesys will further accelerate the deployment of these solutions in the autonomous system space. This partnership enhances Wipro’s offering in the autonomous system market and reinforces our ability to support the initiative of our global customers.”

    K R Sanjiv
    CTO, Wipro Limited
  • "Our work with Genesys has allowed us to quickly verify our assumptions on large-scale areas and integrate easily between companies. Genesys was able to internalize entirely new data modeling requirements very quickly. Once they had completed a few initial data deliveries, they were able to accelerate and support our requirements in both large and small areas due to their flexible workforce.“

    Zac Schellhardt
    Program Management, Carmera
  • "Both NAVTEQ and Genesys are breaking new ground, in many cases establishing new processes in areas where nothing had previously existed. It is clear we would not be in the leadership postion we are in today without your hard work. Once again, I want to offer our sincere gratitude for your efforts, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with you and Genesys in the years to come."

    Judson C. Green
    Chief Executive Officer of NAVTEQ Corp.
  • "Maps were very beautiful and fantastic."

    Mr. Toshimitsu Nishizawa
    IPC Japan