3D Digital GeoTwin

Virtualize and Analyse the Real World


As we experience the uncertainties of climate change, global warming, resources depletion, rapid urbanisation, the real-world 3D virtual model as Digital GeoTwin is the answer to these. Merging the physical with the virtual, 3D Digital GeoTwin is going to steer us towards a seamlessly connected real-virtual world, where one can plan, design, model, build, maintain, and sustain environmentally balanced world.


Whether it is modeling for floods and inundation in coastal cities or mapping the urban heat, vulnerability hot spots and environmental quality in real time, 3D Digital GeoTwin is the name to go for building Climate Smart Cities, Sustainable & Green Infrastructure and Connected World.


What It Does?

Integrating the next generation technologies such as cloud, IoT, AI, machine learning, deep learning, robotics, automation, virtual reality to augmented reality with geospatial, 3D Digital GeoTwin delivers connected and responsive systems. Be it climate smart cities or green infrastructure, better healthcare, or green environment, smart education or smart agriculture, applications of 3D Digital GeoTwin are intended to transform liveability.


From automated cars to online grocery shopping, augmented reality to virtual reality, 3D Digital GeoTwin is also going to provide a seamless experience of connected systems and processes.



3D Digital GeoTwin will enable decision makers in government and city planners to test various responses to everything from climate change, and resource management to building patterns, urban heat maps and implement the decisions that create the safest, most positive liveable experiences and building climate resilient habitations.



Utilities, Infrastructure, Real Estate, and other Business Enterprises can use 3D Digital GeoTwin across their different processes and functions to optimally manage their assets and business operations in the real world.



Citizens can have applications that make their decisions better in terms of where to buy ecofriendly homes, ease of access, real-time transport schedules, real time 3D environmental quality index.