One-stop-place for Photogrammetry, Genesys offers a full line of aerial acquisition, Planimetric and Topographic mapping services.


The aerial photogrammetry and digital photogrammetry services are obtained using aerial acquisition through digital ortho-photography. Genesys has experienced technicians and professionals who cater to unique project needs of the clients. Photogrammetric services like Topographic Mapping and associated Digital Terrain Modelling in accordance with ASPRS standards enable efficient project execution in time.


Genesys works closely with several private and public stakeholders across the globe to provide large scale mapping for better governance and urban management. Genesys has global engagements for aerial photography acquisition and GPS control done by in-country aerial mapping companies.


Photogrammetric services offered by Genesys are -

  • Aerial Imagery Acquisition – UAV/Drone & Aircraft
  • Photogrammetric Film Scanning
  • Stereo-Compilation
  • Aerial Triangulation & Adjustment
  • DEM/DTM, Contouring & Cross-Sections
  • 3D Building & Structure Modelling
  • Orthorectification
  • 3D data migration to GIS-ready formats such as Geodatabase



Key Achievements


Processed over 1.2 million sq km of Orthophotos / True Orthophotos
Over 100,000 sq. km of aerial acquisition in Europe
Over 80,000 sq. km of Orthophotos covering most of the UK
Creation of Orthomosaics and Sea Bed profile for the Arabian Sea and parts of the Indian Ocean