Genesys provides a comprehensive advanced survey and mapping solutions addressing the needs of the Urban Local Bodies, Municipalities and other Government agencies in the areas of Property Tax assessment validation, hawker management, hoarding / billboard management, road deformation assessment, land information management, parcel mapping, 3D modeling etc. Genesys has vast experience in providing geospatial services and solutions to Government bodies in India, Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America.


Organizations in Urban Planning, Development and Administration extensively use spatial data sets such as maps, drawings, satellite imagery and non-spatial data sets related to existing infrastructure, properties, demography and socio economic profiles and suchlike across different functions for their day-to-day operations. The urban development and administration faces significant challenges in keeping track with non-compliance to master plan, development plan, development controls and violation of building bye laws. Further, non availability of reliable and accurate ground information may lead to reduced efficiency and effectiveness in their operations to provide urban services.

Genesys offers CitySCAPE solutions combined with advanced survey technologies and web based applications to address day-to-day urban functions by featuring reliable, accurate and easy to use ground information. CitySCAPE solutions help capture the “ground reality as is” in an interactive 360 degree immersive panoramic imagery media with precise geographic coordinates of real-world environment. CitySCAPE street level survey through vehicle mounted mapping systems is faster and accurate opposed to conventional field survey techniques.

CitySCAPE solutions come with visual search intelligence and location based analytical functionalities integrated in a GIS environment that can be customized to varying processes and workflows of urban authorities.

The solution provides visually enriched informed decision making capabilities with field reality survey data at all levels and across various urban functions. It helps in bringing operational ‘effectiveness and efficiencies’ in various functions including urban planning, development, property tax administration, hawker management, slum management, infrastructure management and allied urban services.

With continued focus and efforts for improved urban governance via e-governance systems, Urban authorities have been recognizing the need for a comprehensive system to make spatial data available on a single platform with mapping of ground reality that can provide aid for enabling transparency and accountability at the Government-Citizen interface levels. Urban authorities can benefit in their functions by ensuring presence of accurate information in their records compared to ground reality as it exists.

Genesys CitySCAPE solutions comprise of spatial data and web applications for:

  • Property Tax Validation
  • Hawker Management
  • Slum Management
  • Hoarding Management
  • City Planning and Development


Genesys provides the complete access to whole spectrum of GIS services mapping above and below waterline. The Company provides wide range of Geological and Hydrological Technical Solutions and Data Management Services. We offers unique precise combinations of high tech data acquisition technologies to reduce the uncertainty and modernize the services which enables operational planning, leads to reduced costs, enhances overall safety and improves operational efficiency.

Hilly Terrain Analysis

  • Calculating and interpreting terrain attributes (e.g.: hill shade, slope, slope shape, aspect, flow accumulation), and integrating ancillary data.
  • Monitoring rock fall occurrences
  • Management of geotechnical and geo-hydrological data
  • Tunnel Alignment – Survey and Geo-morphological investigation
  • Geological and Geotechnical testing’s of rock samples and its reports
  • Development of Bare earth surface model
  • High resolution As Built Models of Structures/Plants
  • High Quality Walk throughs and Fly throughs
  • Photo-realistic view and measurement as required for Geological applications

Hydrologic applications

  • Hydrologic conditioning (culverts), floodplain mapping, watershed delineation, delineating inundation areas, depression analysis.
  • Reservoir Sedimentation Studies for Hydro Power Projects
  • Hydro-geological Investigation
  • Geo-hydrological modeling
  • Geotechnical and hydrodynamic modeling
  • Advanced as-built 3D Modeling of equipments
  • Hydro Power Site Identification and Feasibility Studies
  • Dam Rehabilitation – Detailed survey and Remedial Measures
  • River Profiling and Volumetric
  • River basin management
  • Flood Modeling
  • Watershed management

Irrigation, Agriculture, Forestry and Ecological applications

  • New Canal Alignment Solutions
  • Modernization Assessments of Existing Canals
  • Inundation modeling and flood risk mapping
  • Canal Asset Health Monitoring
  • Canal De-silting
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Water Navigation Studies
  • Habitat monitoring
  • Estimation of tree heights and canopy density
  • Wetland mapping and management

Urban Area

  • Water Management Plans by providing actual, complete and high precision elevation and photorealistic data
  • Water Supply Network Planning using pipeline profiles along with surrounding terrain necessary for construction approvals, pipe replacement, and pre-construction engineering
  • Water Utility Asset Management
  • Feasibility studies water supply by Site mapping for plant construction, analysis for risk assessment and steep slope evaluation
  • Underground Water Pipes, Strom Drain & Sewage Lines identification and modeling
  • Improves decision making by pipeline professional
  • Urban Flood Modeling
  • Inundation modeling and flood risk mapping

Coastal Area

  • Coastal Zone Mapping and Vulnerability Assessment using TLS & PANO
  • Detailed spot surveys for Ports and Jetties


With rapid urbanization being witnessed in the country in recent times the demands on the Infrastructure, especially urban transportation and management, is increasing exponentially. Infrastructure companies and Government bodies responsible for infrastructure management have the onus of keeping up with the ever-increasing demands and build the infrastructure in quick time. To be able to meet such steep expectations Infrastructure companies need to rely on technologies that enable speedier implementation of urban transportation projects with reliable accuracy.

As conventional technologies are limited in accuracy, confidence, completeness, and automation for extracting and modeling the corridor features, Genesys has on offer InfraSCAPE solution to address the needs of the Infrastructure companies

Genesys’ InfraSCAPE solution modeled on mobile and terrestrial LiDAR systems provide accurate terrain models and mapping information, critical to planning, design and maintenance. The solution supports the following:

  • New corridor (road, rail, metro rail, mono rail) development
  • Existing corridor development (Widening/Re-alignment)
  • ROW and land acquisition
  • As built (asset inventory and management)
  • Utility relocation
  • Corridor maintenance
  • Deformation assessment (e.g. potholes, raveling)
  • Detailed funnel inspection (e.g. tunnels, bridges, fly-overs)
  • Clearance analysis
  • Environment impact assessment


  • Terrestrial LiDAR survey, mapping and geo-technical analysis for vulnerability of rock mass for proposed hydro electric project in North India along with IIT, Mumbai
  • Mobile LiDAR survey and mapping for road deformation analysis for Public Works Department
  • Railway Corridor Mapping for RITES

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