Geospatial Engineering

Genesys specializes in the generation, manipulation, management, and maintenance of data for GIS and other information management systems, and offers the full range of services necessary for successful geospatial data implementation. These services are provided to various local, state and federal government agencies; large utility companies; and the private sector.

Genesys offers a wide range of Geospatial Services to help you efficiently develop and manage your Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and related requirements. Our services are based on over eighteen years experience in photogrammetric mapping; GIS consulting and data conversion; and geospatial information technology (IT). This experience, and our technological expertise, adds value to the services we offer — from planning to deployment, maintenance and support. We offer high quality data conversion and migration and end-user application development.

Our data conversion services are based on proven standards and tools. Our comprehensive range of GIS services includes development of AM/FM/GIS technology that drives your data and makes it available for optimum use. We have always believed in delivering targeted business solutions using the latest information technologies and geospatial capabilities.


The geospatial industry is ever growing in importance as the world market becomes more accustomed and dependent on location intelligence. Genesys offers strategic and results-oriented Geospatial Consulting Services backed-up by a trusted and experienced team of geospatial professionals. We work in partnership with clients to provide carefully researched and tailored solutions targeting their particular geospatial problems; and through this, we help them to reduce workforce costs and improve the effectiveness of their geospatial data.

Service includes:

  • Mapping/GIS Needs Assessments
  • QA/QC Analysis
  • Project Design

Whatever your geospatial challenge or whatever industry solution needed, our consulting services can help you in your application:

  • Infrastructure planning
  • Risk assessments/mitigation
  • Water resource management
  • Forestry
  • Geology
  • Mapping
  • Archaeology
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Urban planning
  • Physical geography
  • Terrain surface analysis
  • Emergency planning

Spatial Data conversion and migration

Genesys has vast experience in geo-data conversion and has a dedicated pool of Geospatial resources providing services to the geo-data conversion market. We provide conversion services to Utilities, Telephone, Water/Wastewater and Government. The team works with most of the major platforms in the industry.

We typically work directly within the host platform, utilizing the customer’s data model, placement routines, whitespace management tools, data verification routines and the quality management tools. By working within the environment this minimizes the handling of the data and hence reduces the possibility of introducing error in to the data store.

While Genesys appreciates migration is ultra important with existing data, it has been realized that in many cases a combination of migration and data cleanup is required. It is expected that data conversion, clean-up and whitespace management are integral factors on most geospatial projects.


As a single-source provider of Geospatial and IT solutions, Genesys offers a full line of Photogrammetry, Survey and Remote Sensing services and solutions

Photogrammetric Mapping and GIS from High Resolution Stereo Imagery

Genesys works closely with several government as well as private establishments across the globe to provide large scale mapping for better governance and urban management. All the data created can be supplied as GIS ready formats as desired by the customers.

Photogrammetric Mapping and Cartographic Map Preparation for Governments worldwide.

Genesys has executed several nation wide small scale mapping projects for preparation of National Atlases and Demarcation of national borders.

Aerial Photography and Control

Genesys has developed relationships across the globe for Aerial photography acquisition and GPS Control done by in-country aerial mapping companies to client specifications. Using in-country resources makes the process of clearances simpler, and local knowledge makes certain the planning takes into consideration key local factors like micro weather, security concerns, etc. Genesys has executed Aerial Photography and GPS data collection in 15 countries and 4 continents ( North America ,Africa, Europe and Asia)

Control Premarking for Dubai Municipality Flight Inspection before Aerial Survey ( Dubai)

3D Buildings and Urban Modeling

Genesys has the expertise for generating 3D buildings and urban models from stereo aerial and satellite imagery, or imagery and LiDAR data.

Genesys has been the prime subcontractor for 3D content creation for Bing Maps for over 200 cities worldwide.

Ortho Photo Production

Genesys has processed over 1.2 million sq km of Orthophotos / True Orthophotos at varying resolutions from multiple sensors.

Burj Khalifa as appearing in multiple Aerial Burj Khalifa – True Ortho View

Our Photogrammetric services include:

  • Aerial Imagery Acquisition - Planning & Collection
  • Photogrammetric Film Scanning Color / BW
  • Aerial Triangulation & Adjustment
  • Stereo-Compilation
  • DEM/DTM, Contouring and Cross-Sections
  • 3D Building and Structure Modelling
  • Orthorectification
  • 3D data migration to GIS ready formats such as Geodatabase.
  • Training and Capacity Building


  • Fastest Aerial mapping of 18 European cities within 9 months for a leading satellite imaging company
  • Created ortho database for entire UK at the turn of the millennium
  • Worked with United Nations to map river basins for challenging areas of Somalia
  • 3D Modeling for Microsoft Bing
  • Airfield mapping for 3D Airport maps for GeoEye for GE Aviation

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